Tips For Conquering Remote Working Environments—And Remote IT Challenges

Tips For Conquering Remote Working Environments—And Remote IT Challenges

As business owners eye the post-pandemic landscape it’s clear that the office terrain is forever changed. The world’s leading companies like Twitter, Microsoft, and Shopify have already announced plans to shift to long-term remote work cultures, and small businesses globally are following suit. The benefits of a work-from-home dynamic are considerable—a recent Gallup poll found that half of today’s workforce prefers it. But every big transition has its speedbumps, and the digital frontier is no different. Let’s get you forging ahead with a more relevant IT and Cybersecurity partner.

Carve out your corner of the digital world

While the cubicle walls are coming down, new information technology obstacles emerge. Digital communication platforms keep workflows organic, improve productivity, and ensure personal networking among staff and customers alike–but this interconnectivity shouldn’t stop at the end of a Teams meeting. 

As your team moves into today’s remote ecosystem, you need confidence in the integrity of your businesses’ network, databases, and online assets to keep that success flowing anywhere, at any time. This means up-to-date systems with automated maintenance, seamless data backup and recovery, and IT management that fixes issues before you even know they’re there.

Fortify your cyber defenses

You know your product or service is the best out there, so assume someone wants a piece of your pie. When it comes to managed IT and remote cybersecurity, anticipation is the best form of defense. It’s critical to stock your arsenal to mitigate risk so you can focus on what you do best – serving your customers. 

Sleep easy at night knowing you’re protected from cyberattack with security features like Endpoint Detection and Response and Domain Name System Filtering. These digital security dogs are powered by robust AI monitoring paired with actual human eyes to handle any suspected threats knocking at your digital door. They’ll also automatically scan the dark web to mitigate the risk of your company or client information getting into the wrong hands.

Build up your frontline

Maybe you have a tech-savvy workforce that could easily recognize any privacy threat. More likely, however, there’s at least someone on staff who would flag the word “phishing” as a spelling error. Your employees are your first line of defense in maintaining a secure network, and you can build your team’s confidence and morale by investing in their training to meet remote working challenges. Services like employee cyber awareness training teach your staff to recognize attacks that could expose your business to data theft, financial fraud, and more.

Real cybersecurity and unlimited IT support for half the cost

Saving money where you can is just good business, but comprehensive remote IT management has, well, a lot of moving pieces to manage. But with outsourced IT companies, you’re served up with a full team of specialists in each of these critical fields whose only focus is to keep your business operating seamlessly and safely. Since technology consulting costs are spread across multiple clients, these savings get passed directly on to you. Plus with that full team at your disposal at any time, you’ll never be left waiting for the IT guy to finally get back to you. 

You can tick off all these remote workplace needs with our team at RelevantTec for just $49 a month—and no contracts. Get started now with a personalized introduction.

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