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Your business technology ­– covered 360° for half the price.

The easiest decision you’ll make today.
  • If you’re tired of being over-sold and under-served.
  • If you would rather google it yourself than deal with the hassle of support.
  • If you finally want a good experience between IT and your employees.
  • The time is now — finally, an IT and Cybersecurity company with the mission to provide a superior and streamlined solution at a fraction of the cost.
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    Managed IT

    Unlimited Remote Management (RMM)
    • Help maintain systems and keep them up to date with proactive patching and updates
    • Track issues and resolve them remotely by generating alerts and resolving, often before the client notices
    • Automates scheduled maintenance at client locations
    • Helpdesk available for all users with multiple avenues of communication

    Unlimited Network Management
    Management of network gear such as routers, switches, firewall and access points (ISP provided equipment may not allow remote access)

    Password Management
    Ability to create, remember and file passwords unique to each site or application of enhanced security



    Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)
    • Advanced cybersecurity to confront the entire threat lifecycle of an attack and thwart the impact on endpoints
    • Delivers the defenses clients need to prevent, detect, and undo known and unknown threats
    • Artificial intelligence monitors 24/7-365 for anomalies in behavior on each individual machine to keep clients safe
    • 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC)
    • Improved security incident detection through continuous monitoring and analysis of data activity
    • Timely detection and response of security incidents by human eyes and hands when the threat occurs
    • Ability to quarantine threats from clients network, identify timeline behind incident and remove threat immediately
    Domain Name Server Filtering (DNS)
    • Protection from online threats such as viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing and content filtering
    • Industry leading anti virus and cloud based architecture to block inappropriate or malicious content online
    • Enforces safe search criteria across clients network seamlessly
    • Dark Web Monitoring
    • Capability to identify, analyze and monitor for clients compromised or stolen employee credentials or data
    • Alerts to identify when clients credentials become available for sale on the dark web before a breach occurs
    Dark Web Monitoring
    • Automatically scan the dark web for any compromised or stolen employee and customer data


    Data Backup & Recovery

    File/Folder & Image Level Backup
    • Protect all of your laptops and workstations: Windows PCs, OS X Macs, iOS and Android
    • Remotely track and if necessary, remotely wipe business critical information on a lost or stolen machine
    • Protects information with end-to-end, double-blind encryption with ability to apply private key encryption
    • Image level backup & recovery for servers
    *File/Folder backup included for seats & Image level backup and recover included for server management


    Awareness Training

    Employee Cyber Awareness Training
    • Fight Phishing and other potentially devastating attacks designed to fool employees
    • Educate employees to identify campaigns that can steal your data, expose you to financial fraud and bad exposure
    • Automates scheduled maintenance at client locations
    • Helps guard against multiple threats with simulations including Phishing, smishing, vishing, and found media

    360° Business Technology Essentials

    RelevantTec’s 360° Business Technology Essentials makes your life as easy as pie, so you can move the needle where it counts.

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